Meet Towson’s Newest Cooking Teacher

Glenn Young , Editor

From teaching, cooking, or paper making advice? India Wilson has you covered. 

Since a young age, India Wilson has known that she wanted to help others for a living. As the new cooking teacher at Towson High, she gets to fulfill that dream. 

When she was 15, she decided that she wanted to be a pediatric nurse. Realizing that she wanted to work with kids, she started doing child-care around that time to try it out. She coined this “her trade” of high school, and she considers this to be her first teaching experience.  

Since then, she has worked with a variety of ages. Before she taught at Towson, she had taught in preschool, working with four-year olds to teach phonics, math and cooking. She mentioned that she is excited to see the same four-year olds she had previously taught come to Towson, since most of them are zoned here. However, she admits that she enjoys the older age group of high school. “We kind of make an impact and kind of shape which way you [high schoolers] go,” she explained. “That’s a very important step in life.” 

Ms. Wilson has an easygoing vibe that makes her a likable and effective teacher. Having worked with much younger kids, she understands how to make learning fun and is quite aware of students’ needs.  

She likes her students to “learn by doing” as she puts it, which is a philosophy that her students appreciate. Her students learn from visuals and hands-on activities, rather than long lectures and periods full of tedious writing. And if that isn’t good enough on its own, her favorite dish to make is “baked macaroni and cheese”, which she knows is a fan favorite. Her teaching style is both practical and unique, and she hopes to make her class enjoyable for her students. 

From her childhood home in northeast Baltimore, Ms. Wilson went on to attend Morgan State University. She now is the mother of two children in addition to her work as a teacher. This is a major part of her life, as she points to her children as people who “motivate me and keep me going”.  

On top of that, something you may not know about her is that she works for a party business as well. “I have a mobile collage party service,” she articulated.  “We make things out of paper, so if you wanted to make Batman, we would make that. Or if you wanted Natty Boh, we would make that… an Orioles sign… Anything with glue and paper, I could pretty much do.” She comes off as a go-getter, someone that will fearlessly take on any project. 

When asked what she enjoys about Towson, Wilson replied “the students… they challenge me,” she said with a laugh. While it might be a challenging job sometimes, she certainly teaches in a way that her students appreciate.  If you didn’t get a chance to take her class this year, don’t worry; she has no plans to leave anytime soon. “I have some time,” she confessed. “I’m waiting for my four-year olds!”