Holiday Lighting Festival Tradition


Angelica Nina, Staff Writer

The holidays are approaching, an exciting time for all around the world. In Denton Texas, the newly planted Lee Walker tree will have its inaugural lighting ceremony. The Lee Walker tree is an important commorancy of all in the community of Denton and held an important significance to all. In recent years, the tree was in poor health and was no longer able to be of such a significant figure during this event. Therefore, the community had decided to replace the Lee Walker tree with the Nellie R Stevens. The evening will include a great variety of activities, beautiful dazzling lights, and live music.

This year, the community decided to shake things up a bit. The organizational committee will not have Santa take pictures with kids. People of Denton and the community believe that this event should be crucially focused on commemorating the Lee Walker tree. The committee will have more than 20 different performances throughout the night. Throughout the years, the Denton community have had the Carol Lynn Mizell choir for the past 40 years. The crowds will consist of around 5,000-8,000 people, an incredible amount in comparison to in past years.

Such as the St. David of Wales Episcopal Church, churches are also big sponsors of this event. 17,000 are to attend this amazing event, the community in favor of coming together and spending the holidays as one. The event will hold numerous amounts of activities such as horse-drawn carriage rides, and incredible food for all the visitors.

The event will hold its annual elves shelves toy drive. The toy drive derives from the first Baptist Denton, that’s goals are to assist families that may not be able to afford to buy their kids gifts. The church provides for this great drive that has funded this extraordinary event. Families, neighbors, friends, are all looking forward to this wonderful time of year where all can be included in enjoying one another and giving grace (as they say in the Christmas spirit).