Synagogue Shooting Brings Religious Issues To The Foreground


How does it feel to be unable to practice your own religion for fear of being shot and killed in a holy place of worship? As a country, we must do something to discourage the numerous shootings that have broken out across the nation in recent years. The gunning down of innocent people at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is entirely unacceptable.  What’s even more distributing is that the general population doesn’t seem especially disturbed by the event.

The reason for this indifference in our citizens is because of our desensitization to deadly massacres. Nowadays, all we hear in the news is incident after incident involving murders, thefts, and disappearances. Our society has grown immune to these occurrences as they become more and more frequent.

This does not mean that the situations become less serious.

If steps are not taken towards resolving these issues, our country will continue to plummet into an abyss of self-destruction.

We have several concrete facts about this particular occasion in Squirrel Hill, Pittsburgh. The suspect began firing at worshipers inside the synagogue while yelling anti-Jew expressions. It cannot go unnoticed that eleven people were killed, while six others were wounded.

As the general public, we must not allow this hateful behavior to continue.

Yes, we can lock the murderer up for life so that he can never kill again. But this does not eliminate the problem. This does not keep more incidents from occurring. Most importantly, this does not keep more innocent people from dying.

Who knows how many casualties there will be next time if we don’t work harder to ensure safety for the citizens of our country.