US Embassy Moves to Tel Aviv

Alexis Bjurling

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The movement of the U.S embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem has sparked a lot of controversy over what this could mean for potential foreign relations.  What many people aren’t clear on is exactly what the movement to Jerusalem in Israel means and how it is controversial.  Over 70 years of attempted peace relations being potentially thrown down the drain is what it means. 

The main conflict for centuries between Israel and Palestine has been over the land of Jerusalem and its rightful owner.  Both countries say that the land was deemed theirs by ancestors who had traveled and lived there but disagree on who got there and properly claimed the land first.  Basically, Jerusalem has been an unwilling participant in Israel and Palestine’s tug-of-war for years. 

So why is the U.S embassy being moved a potential problem for foreign politics?  This movement has been in the works for years but has been put off by U.S presidents since 1995, citing the reason for not moving as a matter of national security.  This quick move by President Trump means that the U.S is sending a clear message to Israel in relation to its capital being Jerusalem. 

While Israel might like this move Palestinian leaders see this as a huge setback in terms of peace relations and even a violation of international law, as Israel had previously broken international law by annexing East Jerusalem in 1980.   

President Trump needs to be exceptionally careful in his decision-making when it comes to these countries, as any single misstep from here on out could mean huge consequences for not only them, but for the U.S as well. 

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US Embassy Moves to Tel Aviv