Fundraising Like Never Before

Jacob Guttman , Staff Writer

In years past, Towson High School Athletics hasn’t impressed a whole lot with any flashy equipment or gear, besides our beloved turf field.  But other than that, Towson isn’t the type of basketball team to roll up in matching Nike shoes, or the football team with four different sets of jerseys, or even the baseball team with a well-groomed field. 

This doesn’t take away from the fact that Towson High School sports teams are successful year in and year out, even on a limited budget.  With the recent addition of Snap Raise, an online fund-raising program with proven success, a limited budget is now a thing of the past! Snap Raise is a website that accepts donations through credit cards in a very straightforward and accessible way. 

Most teams at Towson High School have used Snap Raise to raise money this year.  By the end of March, the boys’ lacrosse team led the way, raising a whopping $12,357.  The team has never seen this amount of money before – the program is excelling and will continue to grow with this surplus of cash. 

As a member of the baseball program for three years now, I know that this year is a special year, fundraising-wise.  Nearly $11,000 has been reached.  This is enough for repairs to our dreaded field, a modernized bullpen, and more efficient practice equipment. The softball team, who didn’t participate in a fundraiser last year, raised $5,654 by the end of March. 

All these totals are huge improvements from previous years.  The money will help support various teams with better practice and game equipment and attire.  With this, comes more efficiency and success come tipoff, kickoff, or first pitch.  When athletes look better, they feel better and play better.