Car Thefts in Towson

Helen Logan, Staff Writer

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Recently in my neighborhood and the surrounding area, there appears to be a dramatic increase in car break-ins and thefts. This includes Stoneleigh, Wiltondale, Idewydle, and similar neighborhoods throughout Towson. Many frantic car owners are concerned that their automobile might be the next victim.  

The devious thieves strike under the blanket of night, using darkness as their cover. Specifically, in my neighborhood Stoneleigh, vehicles have been rummaged through and anything that seems of value is taken. Some neighbors lock their cars as a potential solution to the problem but this has not proved to be an effective method as the scandalous crooks will smash windows if they recognize anything that could have monetary value in the car.  

Down the street from my house, a car’s windows were smashed and a bag of electronics worth around three thousand dollars was taken. An apple location device was used to locate the stolen items. They were pinpointed about a half an hour away.  

With the lingering danger, motor vehicle owners and kids alike are on edge. Middle school students are upset these crimes are taking place in their neighborhood. Thieves in the neighborhood pose a potential threat to students walking home from school, something they didn’t have to worry about before. 

When I asked middle schoolers within a close radius of my house what they thought of the situation, they had good advice. Seventh grader Ayelet Unguru said, “People should lock their cars every time they leave.” Likewise, Dumbarton student Abby McConner thinks “car break-ins happen frequently so you should never leave anything of value.” 

My parents are no strangers to these heinous acts. Our mini-van has been broken into three times over the past several months. The first two times nothing was swiped, the car was just ransacked. The third time a Honda car manual was seized from the glove box. 

After any thefts, citizens are urged to contact the local police department. Stoneleigh citizen on patrol, Janice MacGregor Arciceri, mentioned that Rodgers Forge citizens on patrol use the motto “Lock up, look out, lights on” to prevent more ravaging of cars.  

In summary, even the neighborhoods that present as safe can fall victim to petty crimes. To avoid your car being broken into I recommend spotlights, security cameras, and most importantly, locking your car.  

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