What’s Up with Comey?

Braden Hamelin, Staff Writer

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On Tuesday, May 9th, President Trump fired the Director of the FBI, James Comey. This came several months after Comey was publicly reprimanded by Hillary Clinton for potentially costing her the election after he brought her email scandal back into public eye days before the election. His firing came days after Comey increased funding for the investigation into Trump’s ties with Russia and their possible interference with the election.

The official statement from the White House said that Comey was fired for the horrible mishandling of the email scandal, and the decision was based on a recommendation from the cabinet. Later, Trump said that the decision was his idea alone. He also said that he had been meaning to fire Comey ever since he took office. That’s odd – considering that Trump seemed to fully approve Comey’s actions with Clinton’s emails right after he took office.

The timing of the firing has caused a massive controversy, considering Comey was investigating Trump for his ties to Russia. It has been a bipartisan headscratcher so far, since the decision seemingly came out of the blue, and the White House has contradicted itself when trying to give a reason for the firing.

Another newer development is the admission by Comey that he had made notes of all his conversations with the president, and sent them in memos to FBI staff. These memos have directly contradicted information on meetings and information given by the White House.

These memos are starting the movement by government officials to work on an impeachment trial for Trump, considering the recent intel scandals and what appears to be pathological lying by the Trump White House.

The firing of Comey may really come back to hurt Trump big time if a Senate review ends up finding any information impeachment worthy that comes out of this controversy.

Whatever comes of this can seriously shake the country and the future of our leadership in the months and potentially years to come.

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What’s Up with Comey?