Kyrie Irving Traded to Dallas Mavericks


In a sudden turn of events, Kyrie Irving has been traded to the Dallas Mavericks. This marks a new chapter in Irving’s tumultuous career. He requested a trade from Brooklyn and the Nets got a deal done quickly. In exchange for Irving they got Spencer Dinwiddie, Dorian Finney-Smith, and multiple picks. Overall it’s a solid deal for the Nets. Dinwiddie funnily is a former Net and a solid player. Finney-Smith is a solid player and the picks are always useful.

But this really marks the end of a disaster for Brooklyn. At one point, they had James Harden, Kyrie Irving, and Kevin Durant. Now only Durant remains. The timing is truly really unlucky. Things were finally looking up for Brooklyn but as soon as it seemed like Brooklyn was ready for a playoff run, Irving wanted out.

But for Dallas, this was their power move. They needed to have a consistent offensive option other than Luka Doncic. Doncic has been amazing all season but he’s had to do everything for Dallas. Last year they had Jalen Brunson who was a great second option and is now emerging as an All-Star level player in New York. The loss of him has hurt the Mavs severely. But now they landed one of the best offensive players of this generation.

The big concern is Irving’s fit with Doncic. This shouldn’t be an issue though. Irving has played with many ball dominant players such as Kevin Durant and LeBron James. And Doncic is an amazing passer and should be more than willing to let Irving handle the ball. Another loser in the trade is a team that’s not involved in the trade: the Lakers. A Lebron and Kyrie reunion would’ve been amazing for LA. But the Nets chose Dallas’ deal over LA’s. Which is very unfortunate for Lebron and the Lakers who are struggling as of late.

The final thing that needs to be talked about is Kyrie Irving himself. He’s going to need a new contract soon. The problem is Irving in recent years has been the complete opposite of reliable. He’s also the source of major controversies. Whether it be his refusal to be vaccinated or him promoting an Anti-Semitic film. So if you’re a GM, do you give this guy a $200 million contract? Because that’s what he’ll want. And based on his play alone that’s what he’d deserve. But he’s such a headache off the court. Is he worth the trouble? That’s a question the Mavericks will have to answer this season.