What Do We Think About Advisory?

Starting this year, Towson High School has implemented an “Advisory” period after 1st period with a 20-minute duration.

Advisory was designed to help students adjust to in-person learning after being out of the classroom for approximately 17 months.

It’s hard for any student to adjust and it’s notable to see Towson High school plan for an assured issue. The purpose of the period reads,


But how do students feel? Around 8 weeks into school, how effective has it been? Has it helped you? What do you want out of the advisory period, and what is your rating out of 5?

In an Instagram poll, out of 60 students, 2.5/5 was the average score given. Out of 45 students, 31 said it didn’t help them.

“It’s fun to just sit and talk with friends and catch up, but it seems like a waste of time,” one student wrote.

The period extends the school day by 20 minutes and it was met with some mixed reactions.

“It’s extra time we have to be at school and I would rather be at home”

“It gives me 20 minutes to scrap up any homework assignment I forgot to do, but that’s kinda all”

“It has been a useful time to catch up or get ahead on homework assignments” are common sentiments students have shared.

It’s not shocking to hear students be irritated with 20 extra minutes being added to the end of the day, but it could serve a purpose.

32 out of 55 students want their advisory period to be a “Free period” and 7 want it to be “Homework time”; 24 said a mix of these options plus “Academic support, mentoring, etc.”

Not all students are the same and they don’t all fit into one category of needs, but most students need help. It’s not a secret what stresses out students: homework, college (applications, search, Naviance, etc.), mental health, and a multitude of others but these are the main ones.

The last thing students are ready and excited for are 85 minute in-person classes from 7:35 am-2:20 pm. 20 minutes is a tight window to address the stresses of students; lowering the class times and extending the advisory period could prove much more valuable to the students.

Advisory can be a diverse period where Towson High can bring in counselors, college admissions officers, teachers, and much more. A lot of this is what Towson High already does but are usually during before/after school or during lunch. Utilize the period and maximize the students’ day. It can be a catch-up period for students whether that’s with homework or talking with friends.

Exercises like stacking a tower out of index cards, writing letters to yourself, and sending letters to teachers who have helped you force solutions onto problems students may or may not have. The Advisory period can be a useful tool for students to work on themselves in and out of academia.