Is Spring Break Still A Thing?


As March comes to an end, students are counting down the days till spring break. With all the stress, anxiety, and amount of school work mounted a much-needed break is beyond prolonged. Since governor Hogan has announced starting school after Labor Day, our spring breaks have been shortened. Recently, Democrats have expressed not being in favor of starting school after Labor Day and in return having a short spring break. Now the question is, will governor Hogan veto the proposed idea, or stick with the later school starting date.

I interviewed a few students to see how they felt about the short break. Sophomore Abby Hardy said, “I feel like it sucks because with the snow days and how we already don’t have that many, then when we go over they add it to the end of the school year. I would rather start school earlier and have a longer spring break because although it would suck to start earlier if we were to have a longer break it would be important in between quarters. A long break will be much needed, and students will be more productive.” Sophomore Kate Lentz stated, “the break is too short, and many people miss school, so they need to extend it to a reasonable time. I’d rather have a longer summer then shorten it because of spring break.”

In other news, Baltimore County has also projected the idea of adding an extra 15 min to the school day to have a long summer and break. This idea could be beneficial in that its only 15 min longer than the regular time, in exchange for having both a long summer and break. Whereas keeping the time the same and having one or the other. On the other hand, some students have expressed the concern that adding on the extra 15 min will just cause the end of the day to feel like forever. In an interview with sophomore Kate Lentz, she said “I would rather have one or the other. The day is long enough as it is with the extra 5 min and I have to ride on Friday so it’s tight enough as it is.”

Let’s just hope that in the end an agreement is reached and either one way or the other students are benefited with the changes. With the long spring break, families can go away for an extended period and won’t have to worry about planning such a tight vacation, considering there are only 4 days to do so. Overall, bringing back the long break will be great for students to relax for a long period of time, and be stress-free from all that goes on in school. But if Baltimore County can incorporate the long break with a longer summer, not only will students enjoy a long break in the year, but also enjoy the last week left of summer.