Boys Varsity Basketball Senior Spotlight

Jake Guttman, Staff Writer

Kaire Trotty (6-foot 1 inch. 160 lbs.)- Guard, third season on varsity.

Trotty has started most games this year leading the way as a ball handler and scorer.

James Dugan (6-foot 6 inches. 190 lbs.)- Forward, one season on JV, third season on varsity.

Dugan has put up big numbers all year for the second season in a row as the team captain.

Ian O’Malley (6-foot)- Guard, third year on varsity.

O’Malley has put up good scoring numbers as a skilled 3-pt shooter. O’Malley participates in the Law and Public Policy magnet program at Towson and pitches for the varsity baseball team. He was accepted into Tulane and UMD.

Milo Fisher (6-foot 4 inches. 180 lbs.)- Forward/Center, second season on varsity.

Fisher has started his fair share of games this year while also coming off the bench as a rebounding and defensive specialist. Fisher has plans to go to Salisbury University as he also has been accepted into Arizona and Towson.

Akosa Nwadiogbu (6-foot 3 inches. 240 lbs.)- Center, second season on varsity.

Akosa has led the way down low for the Generals rebounding and putting up “and-ones” all season long. Akosa shows his leadership off the court as a stand-up academic figure at Towson. He has been accepted into colleges such as Ohio State University, Maryland, and Fordham.

Ben Ducharme (6-foot 3 inches)- Forward/Center, two seasons on JV, second season on varsity

Ducharme comes off the bench as a big man rebounder. He hit a clutch step-back three-pointer to seal Towson’s dub against Sparrows Point. Ducharme was accepted into The University of Maryland and South Carolina. He has plans to study at College Park next year.