A Virus Called Midterms


Solomon Marshall , Staff Writer

The third week of the fresh 2019 year will install loads of stress in most Towson High students. What’s the cause of these large amounts of stress you ask? 

Why none other than the uncurbable disease during the second quarter. An illness worse than the Black Plague itself; the time among us is none other than that of midterms. 

Yes, people, it is that time again where you are faced with the greatest obstacle of the second quarter. No student is safe from the symptoms of midterms which are booming headaches, sleepless nights full of studying and praying, cold sweat and anxiety filled mornings, and the constant ninety miles per hour sprinting of the heart on test day. 

This was more than a regular week for the average rebellious and hormone filled high school teen. Midterm week was a battleground specified to ruin each student’s second quarter grades.  

A place where only those who come prepared with hours on hours of study time and overtime help from teachers pass. While those who succumb to the temptations of YouTube and Fortnite on their free time barely pass with a C or just flat out fail. 

But can you really blame those that succumb to the temptations of adolescence? Is it their fault the second quarter is full of relaxation from snow days and winter break? The answer to that question is both yes and no. 

Although it is true that most people would much rather pick up a thrilling manga or watch Avengers Infinity War for the tenth time to predict what happens next; opposed to picking up a bland Econ book or watch videos explaining how to verify equations. 

It would be wise for Towson students to spend at least a half an hour a day studying and reinforcing the material. So that the knowledge forgotten during break and days off won’t be completely shoveled away like the snow on the ground. 

Of course, this won’t be an easy task because part of the high school is being able to stay focused on school. While trying to live through all the fun that is being a teenager. Yet with little willpower and a lot of social media rehab. Any goal is truly possible to achieve. 

But without even a little time put to the side for studying and midterm preparation, you will succumb to the grade killing virus known as midterms.