President Donald Trump on The US Job Growth Rate


In comparison to in recent years, the US job growth rate has started growing and October of 2018 marked the highest recorded wages since 2013. President Donald Trump has worked with the Federal Reserve to reduce the unemployment rate and get more people into the labor force. Throughout the 2018 year, the unemployment rate has fallen as low as 3.7% as 711,000 people entered the labor force. Among the increase in job markets, average hourly pay has increased by 0.2% in middle and working-class families.  

In recent interviews with the president, Donald Trump has stated “Wow the US added 250,000 jobs in October and this was despite the hurricanes. Unemployment at 3.7% wages up! These are incredible numbers. Keep it going, vote Republican!” Reporter David Kelly said, “The report shows a booming US economy with a sufficient whiff of wage inflation to keep the Fed on track to raise rules in December and at least two next year.” The Feds have reportedly raised borrowing costs in September for the first time this year. Multiple economists have stated, “The US’s central bank has shown to have an increase this month.”  

Incredibly enough, “currently on record, there are about 7.14 million open jobs.” Employment rates have grown and averaged to around 218,000 jobs per month over the past 3 months. With the increase in employment rates in the labor force, the economy can sufficiently grow to give profitable funds to businesses and other organizations. Not only are middle and working-class families benefiting from this major change, so are upper-class citizens with the advantages of profitable funds towards their work corporations. 

One prime example is the labor force’s participation rates of working age unemployed Americans have increased 2/10 and or 62.9% over the past month. Average pay for all working families rose 3.1% over the past 12 months, becoming the fastest increase since 2008. Along with the greater job growth increases, the Federal Reserve will continue to raise short term interest rates.  October marked a new high peak of available job opportunities. For example, higher income jobs such as professional businesses services, engineers, architects, and accountants have gained 35,000 jobs. 

With all these jobs and businesses gradually blooming, people of the United States are astonished by the advances of our economy. Publisher Evan Comen had stated “as of October, the US economy has added 1.9 million jobs this year. If the current rate of job growth continues through December, the year over year job growth in 2018 will be among the fastest of the last two decades.” These changes may as well continue to lead a long-term goal of establishing money funds in our business corporations to use in foreign affairs. The money we get from these business successes can alter good relations with other countries in importing and exporting status and can possibly get the United States out of its debt deficit slowly but quickly.