What Students Are Saying About The New School Year

Luke Schwengel and Sam Beatty

Recently, Towson Talisman writer Luke Schwengel went around Towson High School asking the student body questions regarding the 2018-2019 school year and some new changes that have come with it. Here is how Towson Student’s answered.

Yuma Sasaki 11th grade: “I’m nervous for the SAT, because I won’t get into a good college if I don’t do well.”
Lauren Krimm 11th: “They [the devices] are kind of helpful with having everything in one place, but they’re really slow and they crash easily.”
Nathan Donnelly 11th grade: “I feel that they should fix and clean the bathrooms before they enforce a new policy.”
Mckenna Brillon 10th: “They [the devices] are really annoying. My mouse doesn’t work, it takes a long time to load up and it takes too long to turn off.”
Ethan Schultheis 11th grade: “The school devices were a waste of time, energy and resources… The school devices should have had an option for those students for those who don’t have access to technology at work for projects and homework…”

Jasmine Guy 11th: “I don’t particularly like them [the devices] because work has been more complicated, and they are not always reliable.”
Zaid Qureshr 11th grade: “They [the devices] are bad because the school is trying to progress into technology faster than the can handle. “