Spirit Week

Helen Logan

Monday the 30th of April rolled around and it was Towson’s semiannual spirit week. This was the third spirit week this school year with an all new exciting assortment of theme days to highlight the spirit in students from all grades. 

The leading day was class colors on Monday. This means seniors could be spotted sporting blue and gold. Juniors were observed displaying pride in their class with teal and blue. Sophomores represented the class of 2020 with purple and black. Freshman went all out as well. 

The following Tuesday, morale was high as people dressed to look just like their bestie. This day was known as twin day. Students were seen in identical attire as their friends and some even copied the style of their favorite teacher. 

Wednesday brought doubts to those passionate minds who are dedicated to spirit week but in the end they killed it with middle school me day. This day was arguably the best day as students could be seen in similar apparel as seventh grade them would have worn. Students were decked out with band t-shirts, flannels and more. Sam Schuleman claims middle school me day was “iconic and nostalgic” as well as “a great way to show off high school glo-ups.”  Middle school me day delivered a bang to the middle of the week and was a great blast from the past. 

Thursday came around and students were eager to show off their Towson pride on TGOD day. Thursday was probably the most widely participated in since it was a god opportunity to simply wear a Towson shirt but still seem spirited. Whether pupils wore sweatpants or went all out with maroon and white, spirit still came through.  

The final, most popular day was Friday where students had the choice between star wars and Disney. Star wars fans could be seen with a light saber or Darth Vader while Disney fans were spotted as Rapunzel, Wendy from Peter Pan, and even characters from Up!. 

Even though the week did not end with a pep rally, students still enjoyed showing spirit during the 2018 spirit wee