Towson and Dulaney Homecoming on the Same Night Disappoints Many

Jacob Guttman

Towson and Dulaney Homecoming on the Same Night Disappoints Many 

Despite Towson and Dulaney high school’s passionate academic and athletic rivalry, the students from both schools look to be very friendly with each other.  Many students were bothered with the truth that Towson and Dulaney shared the same Homecoming date. 

Grace Federico, president of the 2019 class of Dulaney, stated that not only did she know people that were affected by this, but she was troubled personally by this predicament. She claimed that her “friend group was directly affected because they were planning on attending both homecomings.” 

Vice president Mahoney was aware that kids from both schools socialized and hung out, including herself.  She exclaimed that she was directly moved by this issue expressing that she was planning on attending Towson Homecoming with her close friends at the school. 

Towson 11th grader Milo Fisher declared that he was directly affected because he was planning on going to Dulaney Homecoming. He made it clear that he was very agitated with the system knowing that they could’ve easily scheduled one of the dances another week. 

Mahoney brought up a good point in saying that students from Ridgely Middle School were split meaning half went to Dulaney and the other half were zoned for Towson.  These kids who are still friendly with each other may’ve been hoping to go to the other school’s Homecoming with their old friends. 

Mahoney said that at least twenty people that she knew of were planning on attending the opposing school’s dance.  In the end, there’s more people than that that were affected.  The number is simply too high for comfort. 

Both Federico and Mahoney agreed that the planners of the two homecomings didn’t bear in mind the rival school.  “Clearly they didn’t take Towson into account,” said Mahoney. 

The Homecoming dates are decided by the athletic directors that take the football game into account but not nearby schools.  Obviously, the athletic director is not to blame but for a modification in the future, the students will have to take action. 

The students that have to choose one of the dances to attend expect a change in 2018, especially Federico and Mahoney who can very well influence the date of Dulaney Homecoming. 


Amidst the hype of the Homecoming dance, the football game kicks off at 1 o’clock and the Friday afternoon previous to it holds the illustrious Pep Rally. 

Homecoming is a rich tradition full of festivities that hundreds of students attend at both schools. Regardless the dilemma put forth, both dances will be enjoyable but students are silently hoping next year we won’t have this complication.