Donald Trump 1 Year Review

Ryan Miller, Staff Writer

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Donald Trump has been largely ineffective since winning the election. So far, he has lost the support of millions of Americans, scandals surrounding the administration have only grown in controversy and his administration has rapidly changed, with dozens resigning, being arrested, or being fired.  

When the commander-in-chief was elected on November 8th, 2016, the world was in shock. Every predictor before the results poured in showed Hilary Clinton would take a commanding lead and dominate the New York native throughout the night, yet the former first lady still lost. 

The night dragged on, and Donald Trump had won some impressive states, including Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida. The nation had suddenly broken in part, and the election was separating society rather than bringing them together.  

After the election, controversy began on both sides. People believed the election was rigged, and when a recount happened in some states, Trump came out with more votes than before. Americans had to finally be used to the idea of him in the White House, and everything calmed down after Trump temporarily backed down from his extreme views. Then, just as predicted, Trump retook his radical beliefs the moment he stepped into the Oval Office, and the country was back to chaos.  

One of his first days as president brought protests around the world after he submitted an executive order for a travel ban on Muslims. Cities were on fire, and Trump was already drawing chants of impeachment. Then, he dug himself a deeper hole with the public with derogatory claims against transgender people in the military and attempt of cutting legal immigration to the United States. America is known for diversity, a melting pot, and the man in charge had just tried to take that away.  

His approval ratings plummeted to the worst in presidential history, and protests remained strong in various cities around the globe. The offices surrounding him began to rapidly change. Media directors, secretaries, advisors, and more resigned, were fired, and recently, arrested for their involvement in the Russia election scandal. Everything around him began to fall yet the President stood true to his beliefs and did not back down.  

Although he showed some improvements to things like terrorism control, and job opportunities, as well as an improved stock market, it is completely overshadowed by his scandals, which seem to reappear every day and never go away. Not only did he make terrifying executive orders in this past year, he scared the country even after a relatively standard approach to a national tragedy in Charlottesville, Virginia. Most other presidents and citizens of America would criticize white supremacy, yet Donald Trump accused both sides at fault giving him the appearance of a racist.  

It remains to be seen whether he can get back on track and keep his promises, like giving a record number of jobs, or whether he will lead himself to impeachment. However, after one year of his election, it certainly seems to be leaning toward his epic downfall.  

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