Future Business Leaders of America

Helen Logan, Staff Writer

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Students looking for a new extracurricular to get involved with can look no further. As of two weeks ago, the Future Business Leaders of America is the hottest new club at Towson High School. Whether your parents are nagging you to join more clubs, you want to meet new people, or you are just seeking a new way to pad your resume, FBLA is a great way to accomplish any and all these goals. 

FBLA began at Towson many years ago but took a break and has been brought back this year by Madeline Roberge, Bill Zhao, and myself. Together we are working to renew the club and hopefully make it popular among the student body. 

FBLA has only met once on February 2nd and any Towson student is urged to stop by as all new members are excitedly welcomed. We meet every other Thursday in room 131. Meetings dates are promoted on the announcements and the app “Remind” before each Thursday. 

You may be asking yourself, what is FBLA? Future Business Leaders of America is a national club that has chapters in middle schools, high schools and even colleges. Within each chapter students will learn valuable business and leadership skills, attend conferences, participate in competitions, organize service projects and more.  

During meetings at Towson’s chapter, we will discuss possible volunteer projects, listen to guest speakers, and prepare for competitions and future careers in business. Even if you don’t plan on pursuing the world of business, you are still encouraged to come by and enjoy cookies as you learn about numerous opportunities to get involved in the community as well as the club. 

One of this year’s founders, sophomore Madeline Roberge is very excited to share FBLA with the school and invites students to take part in the fun activities. Other members have described our club as “cool,” “unique.” and “successful.” 

Currently, we only have about ten members and we are hoping to expand over the rest of the year. Please grab a friend and come on over to room 131 on Thursdays. We look forward to seeing you there. 

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Helen Logan, Staff Writer

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Future Business Leaders of America