Towson’s Winter (Lack Of) Spirit Week

Braden Hamelin, Staff Writer

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In the middle of the monotonous winter rut of midterms, projects, and a deflated sense of purpose and motivation, Towson attempted to breathe some life into the student body with the first ever Winter Spirit Week. This attempt fell flat on its face.  

When you combine a dead school atmosphere with a short week and poor communication, only a handful of students even knew about spirit week, and even fewer had the mental energy to care.  It was a pitiful showing of anything resembling Towson spirit. Poorly planned and badly timed as it was, we could’ve done so much better.  

Senior Ryan Miller told me, “Really there was no point in having a spirit week without anything to get excited for, like a pep rally or a big game. No one honestly cared enough to participate.”   

There was so little information about the Spirit Week, how it was planned, when they decided to have another Spirit Week. After the success and popularity of last year’s Spring Pep Rally and spirit week, this year’s winter spirit week was most likely an attempt to replicate that energy that was coursing through the school that week.  

While it was unfortunately canceled, last year’s Spring Pep Rally was leading up to Spring Break and kept students excited and motivated during the long final slog that inevitably happens right before we get vacation. This is what the Winter Spirit Week failed to capitalize on. There was nothing to celebrate, no special event, no holiday, no Dulaney game.  

The winter season is the hardest one to get through, not much is happening, everyone’s really just hunkered down waiting for the spring to start. There was an attempt to try and brighten up a long few weeks filled with brutal midterms and feverous studying, but it was too poorly planned out to work.  

The idea of a winter spirit week is actually a really good idea, but it needs a lot more planning and exhausted students are going to need something to cheer for. Time to go back to the drawing board.  

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