What to Believe

Catarina Cararella, Staff Writer

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On the 15th of November of this year, Detective Sean Suiter was working in the Harlem Park neighborhood of West Baltimore when he was fatally shot and killed. Suiter and his partner were investigating a case that had taken place in the Harlem Park neighborhood when Suiter walked down an ally to confront a suspicious looking man. A few minutes later a shot was heard in the neighborhood.  

Suiter’s death was the 309th homicide in Baltimore this year. His name was brought to the headlines for more than him being in the very long list of deaths in Baltimore city this year. It was learned shortly after Suiter’s death that he was supposed to testify against a squad of Baltimore City police officers who were in indicted for crimes committed during work.  

The officers indicted in Baltimore City were part of the Gun Trace Task Force, which is a unit in the Baltimore City Police Department tasked with getting illegal guns from people. The officers that were part of this unit have been charged with planting evidence at crime scenes. Suiter was said to have evidence that would’ve proven these chargers to be true which would have put the corrupted officers behind bars.  

Back in 2010 officers were chasing a suspect car. When the officers were finally able to stop the car, Wayne Jenkins, the supervisor in charge of the Gun Trace Task Force, which has since been disbanded, at the time, was accused of planting drugs in the car that he and another officer stopped.  

Because of the timing of Suiter’s death and when the trial was supposed to take place multiple people, not in the police department, have come out with conspiracies of what they think happened the night that Detective Suiter was violently shot.  

The police department, Commissioner Kevin Davis, has come out and said that Suiter’s death was a homicide and that there is no evidence to contradict that. While we don’t have all the facts to tell whether the police department is corrupt, there seem to be a squad of corrupt officers. 

The officers who have broken the law while at work by planting evidence and getting what seems like innocent people arrested should be punished. And I fully expect them to be punished. 

The Baltimore City Police Department has handed over the case to the FBI to try and get a new perspective on the case and to try and get more resources in order to get to the full truth on the night two police officers planted the drugs and the night od’s Detective Sean Suiter’s death.  

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What to Believe