Brady Wins 5th Ring in Historic Comeback

Burke Harman, Staff Writer

Tom Brady has officially cemented himself as the greatest of all time after the Patriots 34-28 win against the Falcons. After trailing 28-3 midway through the 3rd quarter, Brady sparked two late touchdown drives to send it into overtime. That’s where James White scored the game winning rushing touchdown to cap off the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history.

Matt Ryan played like an MVP after going up by 25 with 8:30 left in the 3rd , lacing up two touchdown passes. Defensive back Ryan Alford also had a pick-six right before halftime. But, after a touchdown and a field goal to make it 28-12, you could feel the momentum shifting in Brady’s favor.

After a forced fumble by the Patriots Donta Hightower, Brady was set up in perfect position to get it to a one possession game. Five plays later, Brady hit Amendola for a six yard touchdown pass, and James White capped it off with a two point conversion try. From there you could feel it in the air that this wasn’t close to over.

When Matt Ryan failed to keep the Falcons in field goal range, Brady was left with an opportunity to tie it up, and he did just that. After a quick two minute drive, James White was able to rush it in a yard out. Once the Patriots won the coin toss, Brady did what Brady does, grind out game winning touchdown drives. He meticulously picked apart Atlanta to go all the way down the Atlanta two yard line. Yet again, another James White touchdown to cap off possibly one of the greatest games in history.