D.C. Women’s March; Another attempt at Disowning the President

Burke Harman, Staff Writer

Let me start off by saying I support women’s rights and equality in every way, shape, and form. But the Women’s March brought out people from all over the world not just for rights and equality, but for yet another anti-Trump bashing event.

Freedom of speech is a key part of our society, as are peaceful protests. This was what the Women’s March was – a peaceful protest, but even a fifth grader could tell the main purpose of this protest was not for equality, fairness, and rights for everyone. This was about bashing, hating, and still not accepting the result of November’s election.

Another interesting, but simple fact about the march itself was that it was held the day after the inauguration. Wonder why? Right, it was to deny the fact that President Trump was just confirmed as the 45th president of the United States. Do you have to like our President? Of course not. But wanting him to fail means you want your country to fail. Also, how many people who participated in the march actually went out to the polls and voted? That’s a question that remains to be seen. But, I would be willing to bet at least 10% did not complete their civic duty and vote. According to The Pew Research Center, 42 women in our country voted for Trump, Sounds to me like almost half our women population didn’t have an issue voting for him or supporting him.

I’m not endorsing any candidate, just laying down simple realities that people refuse to look at. Women’s rights and equality are extremely vital topics our country must encounter, but a march that obviously tried to put a dent in our president is a questionable way to do so.